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whoops [Mar. 16th, 2014|08:23 am]

So it's been SUPERLONGTIME since I've posted an entry. I've just.. not had much to say? I don't know. I just.. haven't felt the urge/need to write about things.

Recently I got Disney Infinity and it's super cute and fun. The building-things gameplay could use some work, along with the camera angles. Also, the constant have-to-unlock-everything is a bit annoying. I want to build a castle, but I only have... castle spires set 2, castle walls set 7, and castle ramps set 4 unlocked, something like that. I have the starter figures (of course), along with Elsa and Davey Jones. My heart broke at one point because as I was looking through the menu and Jones was standing there idle, he randomly whispered "Calypso, my love..." ;.; feels!