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A Journal of Dickbuttz

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whups [Sep. 21st, 2014|04:36 am]
So it's been forever and 10000 days since I've posted. Mostly because I've been emo about my cat and lazy and everything. I was really upset about my cat. Still am. I love her and even though my friend has her and is taking good care of her, my friend lives 3 hours away and it's too far to visit. Not to mention that my friend has a dog now and I absolutely despise the dog. It wasn't my friends choice to get the dog, it was forced on her by her boyfriend's sister. She stupidly adopted a dog from a shelter without waiting to see if it would get along with her other brother's dog who was staying at the home (the brother is deployed). The brother's dog is a rescued fighting dog. So of course when this young dog shows up, of course the dog got all territorial. So since she didn't want to take the dog back, she shoved it on her brother and my friend and- my cat hates the dog. The only good thing is that the dog is terrified of Bella and all she has to do is look at him and he runs. But he's a young dog, not housebroken, chews and eats everything! He's chewed up Bella's catnip ball (3 of em), would eat Bella's food until they started putting it up on her cat tower, the dog has eaten my friend's DS charger, her xbox charge cord, her favorite DS game, a pair of work shoes, and various other items. HATE that dog.


there's really not much to tell. I've been keeping busy by running my Transformers room on f-list. I've also been playing Minecraft on pc. I bought a controller and use it to play, so I'm not very good, but I enjoy it. Other than that... nothing much has happened. Same ole, same ole.
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2014|08:13 pm]
And now I don't have a cat. I was allergic to her so my friend took her.
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caaaaaat [May. 12th, 2014|11:39 am]

So I have a cat. Her name is Bella and she's 7 years old. My mom's friend is moving to Japan because the military is sending her husband there and Lacey doesn't want to take the cat. She thinks it would be too hard of a trip on her. See, Bella is a very shy and timid cat. She hides nearly 22 hours of the day and the rest are spent cautiously sitting next to you. Normally this would be fine... except I think I'm allergic to her.

Every time she sits next to me/on me, I get dry mouth and I get a weird coppery taste in my mouth and last night I started coughing. Also, I get itchy. But I think the itchy might be because she sheds EVERYWHERE. But I don't know. It could be cat-allergy. I just don't know for sure. But I'm... almost positive I can not keep this cat. Which is depressing, but.. I can't keep her if I have an allergy.

The other thing is, I'm terrified to keep her. I'm worried she's going to get sick (she's already barfed 5 times) or that she's going to take a dump somewhere (even though she's litterbox trained and knows where it is and uses it) or that... I dunno. I'm just.. I think she's too high maintenance and I feel terrible for saying that because she seems to be bonding well with me and according to Lacey, she's a one-person cat.

The thing that's killing me is that the cat is very... needy. I can't sleep. Every time I lay down, she jumps on the bed and gets all in my face tries to shove my plushies on the floor, then meows at me until I get up. Then she'll pace the room, meowing at doors. I can't let her in the laundry room as I don't want her wandering into the walls of the basement and stuff and I'm afraid if I let her upstairs, she'll duck and hide somewhere where I can't find her when I need to bring her back downstairs.

But in short, I can't keep this cat. I'm pretty sure I have an allergy to her and.. I'm scared of the responsibility. She's too high maintenance and I'm scared I'm going to do something wrong.
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doctor [Apr. 19th, 2014|07:37 am]
I finally got insurance (THANKS OBAMA) and went to both the eye doctor and normal doctor.

The eye doctor told me I have a astigmatism and that I'm legally blind. So even if I wanted to drive, I can't. Then I had to get plastic lenses because my insurance wouldn't cover glass ones. Which means there's no scratch-and-scuff protection on them and I'm frightened to wear them because I don't want to mess them up. Also, I feel like the lenses are HUGE. Like coke bottle bottoms type huge. ;.;

The doctor's office was like going back in time or something. It was located in the basement of a church that had been converted into two office buildings (top floor and then basement) and it was very painfully obvious that it was the basement of a church. The walls were either wood paneling or had a wood panel chair guard going up half the wall and there was a border of ivy at the top. The only pictures on the walls were vintage ads, Victorian and Gibson-Girl type of ads. The lobby room had brown shag-type carpet. The examination room had a legit fridge and sink in it. My doctor was an older woman in about her late 50's with her hair braided across the top of her head and with nails that were so long she could have used them as spoons. She also used a legit metal-tipped fountain pen to write with. ...she was also very rude and made me feel uncomfortable. She didn't even DO anything. None of the usual doctor things like listening to me breathe or looking in my ears. She came in, sat down, looked over my paperwork, asked if I had any questions, then asked if I wanted to go on a diet.
I told her about my pills I needed for my face/eyes and she wrote me a prescription then lectured me about what I could and could not eat on this 'diet'. Which, by the way, it's just an Adkins diet which my mom doesn't agree with and she doesn't want me on it. Then the doctor gave me a bag of 'diet supplies', which consisted of a water bottle, condoms, pamphlets on how to detect colon cancer, how to use your new inhaler, and other interesting gems. Needless to say, I am very confused about this 'diet'.

She scheduled me for all sorts of bloodwork and I had an EKG done while I was there. I have a slightly irregular heartbeat apparently. They took 8 tubes of blood and gave me 4 other shots for... something or other, I forget.

But I go back today to get the results and to check up on my 'diet'. I'm just really dreading going. I don't want to see this crazy lady. The nurses were fine though, they were very nice.

In other news, tomorrow is my birthday.
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whoops [Mar. 16th, 2014|08:23 am]

So it's been SUPERLONGTIME since I've posted an entry. I've just.. not had much to say? I don't know. I just.. haven't felt the urge/need to write about things.

Recently I got Disney Infinity and it's super cute and fun. The building-things gameplay could use some work, along with the camera angles. Also, the constant have-to-unlock-everything is a bit annoying. I want to build a castle, but I only have... castle spires set 2, castle walls set 7, and castle ramps set 4 unlocked, something like that. I have the starter figures (of course), along with Elsa and Davey Jones. My heart broke at one point because as I was looking through the menu and Jones was standing there idle, he randomly whispered "Calypso, my love..." ;.; feels!
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giftmas list [Dec. 26th, 2013|08:33 am]
[Tags|, ]

New laptop (named Nubby due to the little bumps all over it)
Ever After High Maddy doll
6 MLP blindbag ponys
5 Transformers blindbag kreons
A pack of candy canes
A Batman robe
A Batman poster coloring set
A Batman shirt
Girls Fashion Shoot for 3DS
Katamari Forever for ps3
Disgaea 4 for ps3
The Perfect Nazi (book) from friend Jo
Batman bath set (scrubbie mit, huge lotion bottle thing, lotion)
Mini LaLaLoopsy xmas ponies
Mini LaLaLoopsy dolls (Scarecrow and Dorthy)
Turtle Beach headset for xbox360
Enderman plushie
Monster High Draculaura rag doll and blanket set
A santa plushie with wonk eyes
Netflix renewed

and some other odds and ends that I can't remember~
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2013|06:08 pm]
So my cold was actually a SEVER SINUS INFECTION! It was the most god awful thing I had ever been sick with! ;.; My eyes still aren't fully back to normal and I'm convinced that my prescription/vision has changed and I need new glasses. Currently, I'm suffering from a toothache. WHY TOOTH? WHY NOW? WHY AROUND HALLOWEEN?
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2013|12:13 am]
I has a cold ;.;
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working :/ [Jul. 9th, 2013|12:29 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]
[Current Location |Yummi Freeze Snowball Stand]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

So yup, I'm at work, doing the work thing. Because having a snowball stand open in the rain makes a LOT of sense!

In other news, my eye is jacked up, YET AGAIN. But it's really no surprise since I've been off my meds since April. But sorry 'murica, I can't afford 500 some odd dollars for a simple antibiotic. :/ so tomorrow I have to call and make an eye appointment for.. well, probably just so they can tell me things I already know and prescribe me a medicine I can't afford. Of course, this has mom back on the 'you need a job with benefits' train. She acts like I can just walk into a store and get handed a job with AMAZING benefits. AHAHAHAHAHA, yeah, no. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work like that.

Nothing much else to report. I've been mostly staying away from things that involve reading text, cause of my eye. Which means, almost no internet. I pop on for emails and that's about it. The only way I'm even able to do this is because I'm using mum's netbook and I've enlarged the text. Otherwise because of my ulcer-eye, I get double-vision going on. D:

SO, because of my gross eye, I've been watching a lot of anime and things. I watched all of AKB0048 which is AMAZING~ The music and the whole story and all is just.. so cute and amazing~ I love it! I simply adore music-themed animes! I also finished watching Batman the Animated Series. All I have left now is the Animated Series movies. Which I'll probably tackle tomorrow maybe, after my phonecall for an eye appointment. I love the Animated Series, but I really didn't care much for the villain's character redesign for the New Animated Series. They just seemed more... well, kind of OVERLY cartoony or something. I dunno. Oh well!
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Werk [Jun. 1st, 2013|09:35 pm]
[Tags|, ]


So I've started working at the snowball stand again this year. It wasn't too terrible. The worst part was the HUGE HONKING BLISTERS on my feet from my flipflops. I guess I need new ones. I hate having wide and flat feet :/
Either way, it's nice to have some moneys. I bought the Scarlet Rain loli robot figma. Currently I'm saving up for the Megatron body-pillowcase, then I have to get a new bodypillow. I have a set list of things I wish to purchase with work moneys. But unfortunately, a new fan looks to be added to the list since the fan I have now is making weirdy sounds. I can't sleep without my fan!

I'm also determined to start updating more here!
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