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caaaaaat [May. 12th, 2014|11:39 am]

So I have a cat. Her name is Bella and she's 7 years old. My mom's friend is moving to Japan because the military is sending her husband there and Lacey doesn't want to take the cat. She thinks it would be too hard of a trip on her. See, Bella is a very shy and timid cat. She hides nearly 22 hours of the day and the rest are spent cautiously sitting next to you. Normally this would be fine... except I think I'm allergic to her.

Every time she sits next to me/on me, I get dry mouth and I get a weird coppery taste in my mouth and last night I started coughing. Also, I get itchy. But I think the itchy might be because she sheds EVERYWHERE. But I don't know. It could be cat-allergy. I just don't know for sure. But I'm... almost positive I can not keep this cat. Which is depressing, but.. I can't keep her if I have an allergy.

The other thing is, I'm terrified to keep her. I'm worried she's going to get sick (she's already barfed 5 times) or that she's going to take a dump somewhere (even though she's litterbox trained and knows where it is and uses it) or that... I dunno. I'm just.. I think she's too high maintenance and I feel terrible for saying that because she seems to be bonding well with me and according to Lacey, she's a one-person cat.

The thing that's killing me is that the cat is very... needy. I can't sleep. Every time I lay down, she jumps on the bed and gets all in my face tries to shove my plushies on the floor, then meows at me until I get up. Then she'll pace the room, meowing at doors. I can't let her in the laundry room as I don't want her wandering into the walls of the basement and stuff and I'm afraid if I let her upstairs, she'll duck and hide somewhere where I can't find her when I need to bring her back downstairs.

But in short, I can't keep this cat. I'm pretty sure I have an allergy to her and.. I'm scared of the responsibility. She's too high maintenance and I'm scared I'm going to do something wrong.